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Juanita M.

"Excellent service and friendly, would highly recommend the team at evolve."

Fiona C.

"I have been attending Evolve for a number of months now. I just want to say a massive thanks to Paul and the team, you are all just so kind and lovely. When I started going to Paul, my mobility was very poor, I'm in my mid 40's only, I was in considerable pain all the time to the point I was getting it hard to walk, sit, drive or any normal daily activities. I had two choices;  1. Go on a very high does of steroids (like every other winter) and feel extremely ill with them, or; 2. go to Paul. I choose Paul any day, steroids mask the problems where as Paul took the time and patience to work with me and he has fixed all my problems slowly but surely and now I'm back to full mobility again to which I am eternally grateful. It takes time to get everything back to pain free working order when you have old injuries,  Physiotherapy works, you just have to be patient, and keep your appointment and above all listen to Paul he knows what he is talking about. Once again a massive thank you to Paul and your fantastic team."

Brendan D.

"Had some mechanical work done and a few bushings put back into place, day two, and still pain free, haven't felt this good with my back in a long time. Cheers evolve and Paul.  Highly Recommended!"


"Paul, I want to say a huge thank you for treating me. you had a great approach and really put me at ease. I was more happy to complete the simple exercises you prescribed. I honestly can't believe I am pain free and how little time it took. I would highly recommend you!"

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