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Holistic Massage

  • Back & Shoulders 

  • Deep Tissue

  • Full Body

  • Indian Head Massage

  • Hot Stone Massage

  • Bamboo Massage

Hot Stones


Lymphatic Drainage Massage is known to have a positive effect on people with fluid retention/puffiness (oedema) and also problematic skin (including cellulite). It is also recommended for individuals who suffer regularly from low energy or common illnesses related to their immune system.

Specialist Oncology Massage 

The benefits of oncology massage


Studies have shown that massage may reduce:

  •  Pain

  •  Fatigue

  •  Nausea

  •  Anxiety and depression

  •  Peripheral neuropathy


Patients sometimes find improvements in:

  •  Sleep

  •  The health of the scar tissue

  •  Quality of life

  •  Mental clarity and alertness

  •  Range of movement

  •  Digestion

  •  Stress levels

  •  Body image

Sports Massage & Soft Tissue Specialist

  • Sports Specific Massage

  • Dry Cupping

  • Sports specific Cupping

  • Neuromuscular Release Therapy


TUESDAY​             2pm - 7pm

WEDNESDAY       2pm - 7pm

THURSDAY           Oncology Clinic*

FRIDAY                 2pm - 7pm

SATURDAY           9am - 2pm

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